A little About Donaji's

Donaji Moncada started as a small entrepreneur in Dallas Texas around 2014. Organizing Weddings, QuinceaƱeras and Birthday Kid Parties. The company known as Illusion Events was growing up at the time when she started offering more services to her clients such as Banquets and Decorations.
To offer quality service to its clients, it was necessary to implement a full-equipment kitchen, where she could prepare the food for the Banquets. In this way the idea was conceived to have the right place with the necessary equipment for the elaboration of the food, and at the same time, during the weekdays offer our delicious Authentic Mexican Food to the public. In 2023, after a hard time during the pandemic due to COVID-19, Donaji's Cuisine opened to the public. A place where everybody can taste much of the "Antojitos Mexicanos" and the Real Authentic Mexican food.
Much of our recipes are influenced by the tastefulness of the Oaxacan gastronomy

We would like to share a little more of the Regional and Traditional culture, and the meaning of The Donaji's name that comes from the legendary Zapotec culture...Read about it.